Michael Madana Kamarajan

Kamal, Kusbhoo | HD Tamil Movie


Watch full length comedy movie HD Michael Madhana Kama Rajan is a Tamil comedy film directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and written by Kamal Haasan, with Crazy Mohan penning the dialogues.

The film also feature large ensemble cast alongside Kamal Haasan, Urvashi, Rupini, Kushboo played the female leads, while Manorama, Delhi Ganesh, Nassar, Venniradai Moorthy, SN Lakshmi, Jayabharathi, R. N. Jayagopal, Nagesh, Praveen Kumar and Santhana Bharathi playing other significant role.

A rich industrialist, Venugopal (R. N. Krishna Prasad) marries Sushila (Jayabharathi) and they have quadruplets. His brother, Nandagopal (R.N. Jayagopal) tries to have her and the newborns killed by hired goons. However, the leader of the goons, (Santhana Bharathi), having no desire to kill the babies, adopts one (Michael), drops one in an orphanage (Raju), one in a temple (Kameshwaran) who is picked by Palakkad Mani Iyer (Delhi Ganesh), and one (Madhanagopal a.k.a. Madhan) in a car that belongs to the babies’ biological father.

30 years later, Madhan is now a London educated businessman. Venugopal has raised Madhan as his adopted son, not knowing he is in fact his biological son. Venugopal is killed by Nandagopal and his nephew, Ramu (Nassar) for his inheritance, but unknown to them, the will has already named Madhan as the beneficiary. Madhan returns to Bangalore from England to take over his father’s company. He confronts Avinashi (Nagesh), his father’s assistant, over his embezzlement, while reluctantly promising to forgive him if Avinashi accepted culpability.

Meanwhile, in Chennai, Michael, like his foster father, has become a petty criminal, and while escaping with his foster father from the police, accidentally causes a fire in an art gallery where Shalini’s (Kushboo) paintings are being displayed for exhibition. This brings in a firefighter, Raju, who saves Shalini and her paintings, leading to romance. Raju is also in debt to a money-lender over a failed stage play. While evading him, Kameshwaran is introduced as being a cook for weddings and special events. He meets Thirupurasundari (Urvashi), and her grandmother (S. N. Lakshmi), a kleptomaniac. Eventually Kameshwaran marries Thirupurasundari.

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